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    Sometimes we’re at a loss for words, not because we’re speechless, but because no English term lends itself to the situation (or snack) at hand. At those times, we turn to other languages, celebrating them for the concepts we wish we could express so easily in English. Here are some of our favorite words from the Portuguese language. saudade This untranslatable Portuguese term refers to …

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    Language is always evolving. As culture changes, society innovates, and trends come and go, our language changes right along with it. Every decade, new words are coined in the English language. You will be surprised at how old—or how new—words that you use every day are. So, we’ve picked out our favorite neologisms, from broadcaster to yuppie, that were coined during the past century. Did …

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    Why is everyone suddenly tweeting about OK boomer? What is that Baby Yoda meme all up in our feeds about? And who are Becky and Karen, anyways? Oh, we’ve got this. We love keeping up with the latest terms in slang and getting to the bottom of the funniest, strangest, and, yes, thorniest trends in pop culture and social media. We love it so much, …

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